NEW BRIGHT ALBUM "Notes 4 You" [14/01 OUT]

Notes 4 You" is BRIGHT's major debut album.This album quickly caught my eye. It is really good. Their great vocals along with the inspirational and lovely songs make the album flow even better. Plus there's a collaboration with K in the album.

1st Full Album 「Notes 4 You」
2009/1/14 Release!

RZCD-46050 ¥3,059 (tax in)

RZCD-46049/B ¥3,990 (tax in)

Tracklist ::
01.Theme of BRIGHT ~Notes 4 You~
02.Love & Joy
04.One Summer Time
05.So Long , Too Late
06.I’ll Be There
07.My Darling~ I Love You~feat.SCOOBIE DO
08.Interlude~Brighten Up~
09.Watch Out
10.You Were Mine
12.手紙 feat.K ~Album ver.~

Bonus Track
14. Brightest Star~Unplugged~

01.ソライロ 【Music Video】
02.手紙 feat.K ~Album ver.~ 【Music Video】
03.One Summer Time 【Music Video】
04.I'll Be There 【Music Video】
05.Tears 【Live Video】
06.Dance Interlude 【Live Video】
07.オレンジ~Unplugged~ 【Live Video】
08.My Girl 【Live Video】
09.Street Live In Kyoto ~Document Video 2007-2008~

Bonus Track
10. Brightest Star 【Live Video】

Source :: BRIGHT Official Site

Credits :: cloud_honey@bestfiction + Conosuke@KMC